Different Strokes for Different Folks

I love being a holistic massage therapist. It means that no two massages are ever the same, each client brings a different set of likes and dislikes, which enables me to use a whole range of different massage strokes and techniques.

Some clients like a deeper, harder massage, almost like a sports massage to really get into those knots and work them out.

Some prefer a general all over relaxing massage, which I would say is more like a Swedish massage, nothing too technical, just nice and relaxing, however even this style can be performed differently each time, going deeper or lighter, working on different areas, whatever the client prefers at that time.

Some need me to take care of a particular pain or condition, perhaps more similar to a remedial massage, this usually makes use of my knowledge of anatomy and physiology and can more technical, but no reason for it not to be just as relaxing as any other massage.

Other clients like a more energy based massage, almost likened to reiki, working with auras, chakras and energy fields.

Some clients may want a massage to help them with processing emotions that have been held deep within the body, receiving a trusting touch can be extremely healing.

And of course, any of these massages can be altered at any time depending on how the client may be feeling that day, the massage can become deeply relaxing or invigorating and energizing. Everybody has different needs, likes and dislikes, and these may alter over a long time, or even during the course of the massage.

Clients ask me to work through their clothes so they don’t have to undress, others like to be completely naked; some like me to use oil, others don’t; some like music on, others prefer silence; some clients have room for a massage table, some don’t; some like the use of cushion or bolsters for supports, others don’t; there are so many options!

There really is no typical day for me and I love the variety of my job. The beauty of the individual massage is that it really is as individual as the person receiving it.

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