Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a traditional Ayervedic treatment, passed down through the generations in Indian culture.

Ayerveda means the science of life and longevity in English and is thousands of years old.

It is thought that each person has their own personal dosha profile, made up of the three different doshas; kapha, vitta and pitta. The combination is unique to each person at the moment of their birth and it is thought that life’s challenges and stresses can unbalance your personal dosha, resulting in illness.

Indian Head massage is used to rebalance you to your original dosha profile and can therefore be tailored with slightly different movements and techniques to give a different energetic feel to each treatment, depending on the client’s needs on the day.

Indian Head massage has been somewhat ‘westernised’ and can now include upper back, shoulders, arms and hands. It can be performed seated without oil and recipients can remain fully clothed, making it an excellent treatment for people at festivals and fetes.

However, traditionally the massage was more focused on the head, scalp and face, with the use of oil to nourish the scalp and hair.

The great thing about massage is that it can be easy to incorporate different techniques into every treatment, therefore if you’d like to experience an Indian Head massage there’s nothing to stop you from asking to receive it laying on the massage table, or even to incorporate some of the head massage techniques into your regular session.

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