About Your Treatment

MASSAGE THERAPY – Holistic, Therapeutic, Sports, Remedial, Indian Head Massage, Kinesiology Taping

My Massage room, The Old Police Station, Market Hall Street, Kington, Herefordshire.

The treatment will begin with taking a brief medical history and a conversation about what you would like to get out of your massage so we can formulate a plan together. I may carry out some assessments to help determine the best plan of action. Then it’s massage time! I will leave the room to let you undress, and when I return will provide cushions and pillows to make you as comfortable as possible.

I work with drapes/sheets to protect your privacy at all times.

The oil I use is Biotone Advanced Massage Therapy Gel, which is Hypoallergenic. Please see the Biotone website for the list of ingredients.


When the massage has finished I will leave the room to let you re-dress and then return with a glass of water for you.

We will have another chat to see how you are feeling now. If I did some assessments at the start of the session these will be repeated now so we can see (or feel) if there have been any changes.

I will then provide some aftercare advise such as stretches or strengthening exercises, or relaxation techniques, that may keep you feeling the benefits until your next session.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations. A 50% charge will be payable in the event of late or non-notification.

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