Myofascial Release

If you view the YouTube video and skip past the grapefruit part to 1:27 you can see what our fascia looks like.
Fascia is a large web of connective tissue fibres that joins our whole body together, including skin, nerves, organs, muscles, bones, veins and arteries. Fascia can become stuck if it isn’t regularly moved and stretched, or restrictions can occur from a trauma or operation.
This can present itself as pain in your body. Fascia doesn’t show up on standard tests (X-rays, CAT scans, etc.) and so a lot of people who are in pain because of restricted fascia will go undiagnosed.
Myofascial release techniques can be used as part of your massage treatment to re-introduce movement to your fascia, to help it become un-stuck and to hopefully give some relief from any pain you may be experiencing.