Everyone is different and everyone likes a different amount of pressure during their massage.

This is why I check in with clients regarding the pressure during their treatment.

If the pressure isn’t enough or if it’s too much please speak up and let me know. Everyone is different and everyone has a different pain threshold, I can’t read your mind so I won’t know how much pressure you like, unless you tell me.

I won’t be offended, in fact I’ll be pleased if you ask for a different pressure during your treatment, because it means I have a chance to do something about it. Rather than you leaving dissatisfied.

I don’t want you to lie on the massage table in pain, I don’t want you to lie there wishing for more pressure, I want you to have the best massage possible. And that involves a small amount of feedback from you! Otherwise I’ll be none the wiser.

Card Machine

I’m pleased to let you know that my card machine arrived this morning. This means that I am now able to accept card payments!


”Being present in your body, just as it is, right here, right now”

I know embodiment can have a lot of different meanings in a lot of different contexts, but to me, right now, this is what it stands for.

We bring our minds to what is happening right now at this moment, things that we can feel physically, we can feel our feet on the earth, our bums being supported by the chair we are sat in, we can feel the sunshine on our skin, the warmth of a hot bath sinking into us, the softness of a comfy bed or the hands of our massage therapist giving a quality touch to our hard working, deserving, bodies.

It means we are not thinking about the past or the future, we are experiencing the here and now.

This can be a great way to reduce anxiety or stress, even if it is just for a few brief moments. Bringing our attention to the here and now, where everything is fine, everything is good, means that our attention isn’t focused on something that has happened in the past, or something that may or may not happen in the future. It gives a moment of peace.

Massage can be a great way to bring yourself into your body. If you concentrate on the therapist’s touch, feel their hands sinking into your muscles, tensions releasing, muscles relaxing, tissues unwinding, feeling your body being supported by the massage table, feeling your head being supported by the face cradle, feeling the softness of the sheets, the warmth of the therapist’s hands or the warmth in the room.

Concentrating on what you can physically feel with your body right now clears your minds of any little worries that have been niggling away, it gives you some time, some space, some clarity.

People can spend a lot of time in their heads, worrying about job responsibilities, bills, thinking about what to have for tea, trying to remember times or dates, what to wear, what people think of them, things in the future, things from the past, over thinking, over complicating, worrying.

If you find yourself feeling worried, stressed, anxious, even a little depressed, about anything at all, then concentrating on the here and now can bring peace. And an easy way to do this is to take a moment to bring your attention to the physical things you can feel right now, feel your body, bring yourself into your body, embodiment, take a deep breath, smile.

Fresh Air Friday

Last week I went on my first ‘Fresh Air Friday’.

It was a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air, to take a break from being all business and to appreciate the beauty of nature and life. I think it is important to take time out of the every day frantic rushing around with computers and deadlines and stress to get back to our true selves.

Each month they explore a different topic, this month’s topic was about stretching yourself out of your comfort zone, a lot of food for thought right there!

The gentle walk in the countryside included plenty of breaks so that we could all chat about our ‘stretches’, we also had time to do a breathing exercise, have a small meditation and a sit down for some tea and cake (which is always a good thing!).

I felt very refreshed and grateful at the end of the morning and came away with a big smile on my face.

For more information and to find an event local to you, check out their website here:

Different Strokes for Different Folks

I love being a holistic massage therapist. It means that no two massages are ever the same, each client brings a different set of likes and dislikes, which enables me to use a whole range of different massage strokes and techniques.

Some clients like a deeper, harder massage, almost like a sports massage to really get into those knots and work them out.

Some prefer a general all over relaxing massage, which I would say is more like a Swedish massage, nothing too technical, just nice and relaxing, however even this style can be performed differently each time, going deeper or lighter, working on different areas, whatever the client prefers at that time.

Some need me to take care of a particular pain or condition, perhaps more similar to a remedial massage, this usually makes use of my knowledge of anatomy and physiology and can more technical, but no reason for it not to be just as relaxing as any other massage.

Other clients like a more energy based massage, almost likened to reiki, working with auras, chakras and energy fields.

Some clients may want a massage to help them with processing emotions that have been held deep within the body, receiving a trusting touch can be extremely healing.

And of course, any of these massages can be altered at any time depending on how the client may be feeling that day, the massage can become deeply relaxing or invigorating and energizing. Everybody has different needs, likes and dislikes, and these may alter over a long time, or even during the course of the massage.

Clients ask me to work through their clothes so they don’t have to undress, others like to be completely naked; some like me to use oil, others don’t; some like music on, others prefer silence; some clients have room for a massage table, some don’t; some like the use of cushion or bolsters for supports, others don’t; there are so many options!

There really is no typical day for me and I love the variety of my job. The beauty of the individual massage is that it really is as individual as the person receiving it.

You deserve to feel amazing every single day.

So many people think of health in terms of diet or exercise, but we need to take a look at all areas of our life to improve our overall well being.

Holistic means ‘whole’, or in this case your whole body, all of our bodily systems and functions are connected and intertwined, a holistic massage treats the whole person, not just a symptom, giving your body the energy and resources it needs to heal itself, helping you to feel happier, have more energy and just feel amazing!