Hay Festival

The Hay Festival is running from 26th May to 5th June 2016, and the brochure is now available on line:


If you are coming to see any of the events during the festival in Hay-on-Wye and fancy a massage whilst you are here, then I am available during this time!

I can visit you in a holiday let if you are staying in the area, or you can come to me at the Kington Centre on Tuesday afternoons or in Leominster on a Thursday.

A great idea to give yourself a little treat!

The Kington Classic Sportive

This year The Kington Lions Cycling event will be held on Sunday 10th July 2016.

I will be at the finishing line providing massages, to flush out the lactic acid after the 70, 42 or 26 mile bike ride.

To sign up to the event visit their website: http://kingtonlions.org/nfHome.asp?Section=The+Kington+Classic+Sportive&ButtonPressed=Sadmin121547


Kington Walking Festival

This year is the fifth Kington Walking Festival,  it runs from 15th -18th September 2016 and the brochure is now available on their website http://www.kingtonwalks.org

If you are staying in the area during the festival and need a massage to soothe your weary legs, feet or hips after your walk then please get in contact and we can arrange a massage!

Massage is great for flushing out waste products, such as lactic acid, that can build up during exercise. It can also improve blood flow into an area, bringing along with it more oxygen and fresh nutrients to aid with repairing any micro-damage that may have occurred during your walk.

Remember to stay well hydrated during your walk and to take a rest if you need it. I would also recommend to have a good full body stretch after your walk, but if you only have a couple of minutes then I would suggest stretching the main leg muscles, (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves) along with the gluteals, and doing some ankle circles with your feet.

I hope you enjoy the festival!