Massage to Music

I’ve been thinking lately about massaging to music. I’m not just talking about having a massage with some music on in the background, I’m talking about massaging to the music, with the music, as if a dance was taking place.

On our last weekend in college with did a ‘5 rhythms massage’. 5 rhythms is to put the body in motion in order to still the mind, as said by Gabrielle Roth. The five rhythms (in order) are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness. The five rhythms, when danced in sequence, are known as a “Wave.” A typical Wave takes about an hour to dance and the rules are – there are no rules! Basically your body is in charge and can move how it wants to with the music. For more information on 5 rhythms check out the website:

Basically it was a massage that none of us had ever experienced before, both the giving and receiving were wonderfully new and extremely eye opening. After then session I felt quite energized and fascinated by the idea of doing this 5 rhythms massage, or at least massaging to music, as a different kind of treatment for my clients.

I know that some people use music as a kind of therapy and getting lost in a piece of music can be as powerful as getting lost in meditation or lost in your massage session.

If anybody would be interested in experiencing this new massage idea then please contact me and let me know. It’d be great to give it a go. Obviously the music choice would be up to you. If it was a certain piece of music then I think I would need to hear it at least once before massaging to it, but if it is something like the 5rhythms music, then I think it’s ok to just press play and let the wave (and massage) flow.

But also equally if you have a favourite piece of music that you would like to just have on in the background and not ‘massaged to’ then that it is just fine as well! That’s one more benefit of mobile massage, as it’s in your own home you can have whatever you want on in the background!