Kinesiology Taping

On Wednesday I attended a Kinesiology Taping course. Very interesting day, we got through a lot of rock tape!

Kinesiology taping can be used to treat sport injuries, delay fatigue, speed up recovery, promote proper form and enhance performance. It is also great for inflammation and oedema.

My knee was aching due to some inflammation and the pain went within ten minutes of applying the tape. They believe the pain relief is due to the skin being lifted slightly, therefore creating space and reducing the pressure on the pain receptors.

If you would like to be ‘taped up’ then please do contact me to book an appointment.


Fluid Retention (Oedema)

The lymphatic system is responsible for draining excess fluid in our bodies, it is usually activated by our movements; the contracting of muscles pushes the fluid along the lymphatic vessels.
However if a person is less mobile then the fluid sometimes doesn’t get the opportunity to drain away and can cause swelling.
Gentle massage in the direction towards the heart can help reduce oedema (fluid retention) by activating the lymph nodes and lymphatic system, allowing the excess fluid to drain away naturally.
This can also have an added benefit of boosting the immune system.